Medical Transcription

MKKJ Medical Transcription offers secure, reliable and fast English-language transcription for international clients. Our focus since inception in 2006 has been to provide accurate and efficient typing of dictations for the healthcare industry. We have embraced modern technology to minimise disruption to clinical activity of clients and remain versatile enough to adapt our service to individual requirements.




We support all the major digital dictation recorder formats, including AMR, DSS, DS2, MP3 and WAV (covering common devices from Philips, Olympus and others). This means there is no new expense associated with transferring to our service.
You can even dictate into a smartphone and upload directly from your mobile device; free and paid apps are available to convert your smartphone into a fully-fledged dictation device. Just ask for advice if you don't already have a favourite method for digital dictation.


Secure File Transfer

Our secure encrypted web interface uses the same encryption technology provided by online banking and it works right in your existing web browser or smartphone. Military-grade assymetric encryption software (OpenPGP) is also available for those who request it.
Our data management complies with international data protection requirements, including the Australian Privacy Principles, the Data Protection Act (UK) and HIPAA (USA). Our staff receive regular training regarding privacy and security of medical information and are contractually obliged to adhere to strict policies. In summary, your health data couldn't be in safer hands.


Accurate Transcription

We offer a 24-hour turnaround service as standard for all customers, with transcriptions uploaded in the afternoon available by the following morning in many cases. Each dictation is listened to three times by at least two different experienced medical transcriptionists, with attention paid to unclear words and reference to specialist medical vocabulary. Our excellent record for accuracy is maintained by this three-layer checking of all transcriptions within this timeframe.


Secure Archive

You will receive a message confirming new transcriptions are available for download and review on any computer, smartphone or tablet. These can be provided as any filetype specified: DOC, DOCX, HTML, ODT, MD or TXT.
We can recommend software for reviewing and locally archiving electronic medical records if you do not already have these in place, in addition to helping automate printing of multiple letters.

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